Online Discussion Forum and Monitoring for Patients Who Have Had a Stroke

Set up a website for information and online discussion to improve follow-up with patients at home who have had cerebrovascular accidents


Patients treated in the Neuro-Rehabilitation Division have lasting effects from a cerebrovascular accident (stroke) or head trauma. Thanks to group discussion sessions organized by the division, patients can share what they’re going through with other patients and benefit from the experience of their peers; they find great comfort in this. Once patients return home, however, these discussions stop. Because of their visual and cognitive impairments, these patients are not able to easily access chat platforms online.



The project provides patients with a virtual space for communication and discussion that is similar to a group session experience and is led by a HUG psychologist-neuropsychologist. The site is led by professionals in the field and takes into account the particularities of cerebrovascular accidents. Aside from a discussion forum, it also provides a wealth of advice and information about these issues and the effects they have on everyday life. Patients, loved ones, and caregivers can use this tool. The information is adapted for patients who have had cerebrovascular accidents to make it easier for them to understand and remember it. Confidentiality on the support site is a key criterion


project manager

Dr. Tatiana Aboulafia Brakha, Neuropsychologist, Neuro-Rehabilitation Division, Clinical Neuroscience Department, Geneva University Hospitals.