our promises:


Code of ethics

Chapter I-DONationS

Art. 1 : Use of donations

Art. 2 : Acceptance of donations

Art. 3  : Donation follow-up


Chapter II-DONors

Art. 4 : Donations confidentiality

Art. 5 : Respect of privacy

Art. 6 : Transparency and right to information

Donors have the right to receive, upon request:

They have the right to ask and be told if the person fundraising for the Foundation is a volunteer, an employee, or a contracted fundraiser.



Art. 7 : Conditions

The Foundation’s fundraising efforts endeavor to:

Art. 8 : Obligations

Individuals who solicit or collect funds in the Foundation’s name are informed that they should:



Art. 9: Management

The Foundation’s financial affairs shall be responsibly managed in accordance with the ethical obligations of management and with legal requirements.

Art. 10 : Annual report

Annual financial reports :