In an emergency situation (during resuscitation, for example), there is an extremely short window for calculating the dose of medication to inject into the patient based on patient age, weight, and medication history.



The PedAMINES project was created from the experiences of Fréderic Ehler and Johan Siebert, well-known by the Foundation as the creators of Info Kids and Interface, which the Foundation already funds. The tool provides a very quick automatic calculation of the dose of medication to inject into a young patient. The effectiveness of this program has been demonstrated by a decrease in errors and especially in the time elapsed before the patient is injected. We know how precious this time is. The sooner the molecules have been injected, the higher the chances of the child being saved.


 project managers

Dr. Johan Siebert, Senior Physician, Pediatric Admissions and Emergency Division, Children and Adolescents Department, Geneva University Hospitals.
Mr. Frédéric Ehrler, Software Analyst, Medical Information Sciences Division, Imaging and Medical Information Sciences Department, Geneva University Hospitals.




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