Chronic pain of the spinal column is a significant public health issue. The multidisciplinary back appointment with the HUG’s rheumatology division offers an approach that includes physicians (rheumatologist, physiotherapist, psychiatrist), physical therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, and social workers. This approach goes beyond the physical aspect to integrate work with representation (cognitive aspect) and with fear of movement, which are central elements of the chronic nature of the pain. Despite this integrative approach to treatment, the clinical evolution is often lacking.



This project is to integrate psychomotricity into the multidisciplinary treatment of back pain for one trial year and to evaluate its efficacy. By taking into account the body’s sensory motor, affective, and relational aspects, psychomotor therapy will let the patient reclaim their own body through the integration of physical awareness work that allows them to relax the body, release tension, and differentiate between sensations.


 project managers

Dr. Stéphane Genevay, Rheumatology Division, Department of Medical Specialties, Geneva University Hospitals
Dr. Adrien Fleury, Psychiatric Relationship Division, Department of Mental Health and Psychiatry, Geneva University Hospitals

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