Since 2014, Europe and Switzerland have found themselves in an urgent situation facing the explosion of people requesting asylum. The particularly long and difficult migration journey greatly impact their physical and mental health. After arriving in the host country, this population must integrate into society. Their diet therefore plays a central role in their daily life and in their integration process, in conjunction with their condition of health. In light of the medical, human, and societal repercussions, detecting and treating the malnutrition of protein and energy in these vulnerable populations is of significant concern.



The project consists of setting up an interventional program to provide care for these people by assessing their nutritional situation, their deficiencies and their needs, and by helping them to adapt to a new diet. It will thus launch a preventative effort to limit the cases of malnutrition.


project manager

Ms. Rolet Sylvie, Head Dietitian, Department of Community, Primary Care, and Emergency Medicine, Geneva University Hospitals