We now know that patients who have had a heart attack are at lower risk of recidivism if they continue to participate in physical exercise and integrate athletics into their lifestyle. The cardiology team at the HUG, which launched the “Wholeheartedly Around the Lake” project in 2015, took on a second challenge in 2016 with the project “Reaching Summits After a Heart Attack”.



The project for 2017 continues in stride with its two predecessors and consists in organizing a hike in the heart of the Valais along the famed path of the Sierre-Zinal race. This new athletic challenge involves intense preparation in a collegial spirit and is an integral part of involving patients in moving toward their new quality of life.


project manager

Mr. Philippe Sigaud, Nurse, Cardiology Division, Department of Medical Specialties, Geneva University Hospitals



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La gazette médicale, Vol.6_n°6_novembre/décembre 2017

Défi sportif après un infarctus