Among vulnerable adolescents, young transgender patients require particular attention, away from the violence to which they are submitted, bullying, social isolation, or other types of degrading and discriminatory treatment tied to their sexual orientation or gender identification. Dealing with rejection by the public but also by their family or friends, these patients come to the hospital to not be alone in their journey . The medical staff, however, has not yet received sufficient training in caring for these patients and especially in formulating responses to questions that are seldom explored.



The objective of this project is to integrate a multidisciplinary team at the HUG comprised of physicians, nurses, psychologists, social workers, and even administrators, who for two years will be responsible for setting up training at all levels in order to foster discussion, care, and follow-up with transgender patients.
The project is defined as a “patient partnership” by broadening its development to include patients affected by this issue.


project managers

Dr. Arnaud Merglen, general paediatrics service, Children and adolescents departement, Geneva University Hospitals
Dr. Mirjam Dirlewanger, growth and human developpement service, Children and adolescents departement, Geneva University Hospitals