Despite the development of ever more powerful computer programs to manage patient files, it has been reported that support staff continues to print out documents to take notes at patients’ bedsides. This information is not transmitted quickly enough to share with other staff, and there is also a risk of compromised security if information is lost.

The HUG has developed a program that runs on a tablet and thus allows useful information to be added right at the patient’s bedside. The software ensures that the information is then synchronized on other systems and directly shared with other members of the healthcare staff. The prototype was created and tested in a laboratory. It is important that its effectiveness in a hospital setting be shown before it is used in all divisions.



The project consists of funding the proof of concept study to test the prototype. Two nurses will be assigned to observe the benefit of this program in two units (orthopedics and internal medicine) before, during, and after procedures. The program will be scored based on the amount of time it saves in returning or transcribing data for patients, its user-friendliness, etc.


project manager

Mr. Frédéric Ehrler, Medical Information Sciences Division, Imaging and Medical Information Sciences Department, Geneva University Hospitals.

Dr. Katherine Blondon, Deputy Head Physician and Clinical Professor, Medical Directorate, Geneva University Hospitals


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