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The Foundation takes action against the coronavirus

The Private Foundation of the HUG is currently doing its part, alongside researchers, nurses, and physicians involved in combatting the COVID-19 pandemic.

We need your help. With your donation, you too can support them:

  • through research projects on the coronavirus at the HUG’s Center for Emerging Viral Diseases and UNIGE’s Faculty of Medicine
  • in the quality of care and reception of affected patients at the HUG
  • hospital and laboratory staff involved every day in the COVID-19 crisis

To make a donation: Credit Suisse, IBAN CH75 0483 5094 3228 2100 0 or CCP 80-500-4 _ Reference: COVID-19

Your donation is tax deductible. The Foundation will apply the entirety of the donations we receive to these projects.

We will keep you informed of the various efforts carried out thanks to your generosity.

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02.  Supporting and funding projects of merit, thanks to your generous donations.  


Thanks to your donation

Projects we support

We support and fund innovative and ambitious projects that promote quality of care, medical research, and humanitarian causes.


You have our heartfelt appreciation!


The race against a global epidemic mechanisms of infection of COVID-19

Better understanding the process of infection with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and arming ourselves against epidemics

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Medication and Mental Disability

Interdisciplinary research project on drug interactions, with the objective of improving the medical and socio-educational care of adults who have cognitive disabilities or autism spectrum disorders with severe behavioral problems.

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Early Screening for Dementia

Project to improve early detection of dementia in the elderly by using biomarkers of vulnerability that predict an individual’s trajectory

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Regenerating the Liver with Stem Cells

Project toward development of a new treatment for alcoholic steatohepatitis by using stem cells to regenerate the liver.

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What Causes Predisposition to Fractures?

Project to identify the risk factors for low-energy fractures in patients without osteoporosis, in order to adopt the necessary preventative measures.

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Immunotherapy Against Brain Tumors

Project to develop research programs on immunotherapy that targets brain tumor cells

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Fertility Evaluation of the Swiss

Project to analyze the sperm quality of Swiss men and how that changes over the years, and based on this, to take preventative measures

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A Platform for New Antiviral Strategies

Project to understand the infectious mechanisms specific to each virus and to develop a treatment strategy to block infection.

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New Diabetes Treatment

Project to work on the capability of the pancreas’s alpha cells to metamorphose into beta cells and thus produce insulin.

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Safety of Newborns Who Have Umbilical Catheters


Project to reduce the risks of infectious complications in newborns by means of directed training.

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Probiotics and Alzheimer Disease

Project to develop new diagnostic tools to recognize the microbiotic signature of Alzheimer disease and improve the treatment of dementias.

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Better Understanding Multiple Sclerosis

Project to improve understanding of autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis by studying the connection between metabolism and the autoimmune system.

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Chronic Kidney Disease and New Avenues of Treatment

Project with the objective of improving prevention of chronic renal complications and finding new avenues of treatment

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Diabetes: What Causes It?

Project to conduct fundamental and clinical research programs on diabetes that seek to understand its mechanisms and identify predictive markers.

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Memory Center

Project to make Geneva a university hospital of reference in dementia.



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Diabetes, Metabolism, and Circadian Rhythm

Project to better understand the mechanisms involved in diabetes, basing research on the biological cycle

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New Smart Treatments to Fight Blood Diseases

Project to exploit a zebrafish’s well-demonstrated mechanism of regeneration, for transposition to humans

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Understanding Schizophrenia in Order to Treat It According to the Patient’s Genetic Profile

Research project to elucidate the genetic mechanisms involved in schizophrenia and to suggest new therapeutic solutions

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Assisting the Immune System in Detecting and Eliminating Cancer Cells

Project to create antibodies to reinforce the immune system and allow it to counteract tumor action

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Quality of care

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Treating Feminine Bleeding

Implementing a bleeding evaluation scale to allow care and monitoring adapted to each patient

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Kanji, a Necklace for Little Heroes Fighting Cancer

Project to support young patients in their battles against cancer with a Kanji bead to encourage them through each step of treatment

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Medical File for Migrant Children

Project to adapt reception and care of young patients who are asylum-seekers or refugees by providing a medical file in their language, to promote communication with support staff

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From Pregnancy to Going Home

Project to improve patient information about pregnancy, delivery, postpartum, and going home

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CONCERTO: A Bedside Applet

Project to provide patients with all the information they need while hospitalized at the HUG, thanks to an app that lets them check their treatment schedules, get to know each member of their care teams, and list their questions

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Cancer and Sexuality: Let’s Talk About It!

Project to encourage dialogue about sexual health for oncology patients, loved ones, and healthcare professionals

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@nalgesics Workshop

Project to improve patient care via better communication about painkillers, using online support

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Conquering Pain

Project to implement a new educational component in the ICU specific to pain management

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Physical Activity and Cancer

Project Offering a Personalized Athletic Program for Patients with Cancer to Improve Quality of Life During Treatment

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Patient Reception in Gynecology

Project to improve reception of patients for outpatient gynecology care in a pleasant environment.

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BabelDr: Better Understanding at the Hospital

Project to facilitate communication between patients who are hard-of-hearing or who speak a foreign language and support staff, using a real-time translation program

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A Patio That Makes You Want to Move Around

Project to create a patio at the Trois-Chêne site that opens directly to the gardens and encourages patient autonomy

Learn more

Electronic Consent

Project to provide an electronic interface for patient consent for research projects and procedures

Learn more

Psychomotricity for Back Pain

Project to integrate psychomotricity treatment in order to improve care for patients with chronic back pain

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Online Training in Pediatric Parenteral Nutrition

Project to use online education to reinforce treatment for young patients receiving parenteral nutrition

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PainDoc: Understanding Chronic Pain

Project to better understand chronic pain and thereby improve patient care with efficient treatment solutions.

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Implementing a Hypnosis Clinic at the HUG

Project to initiate training in clinical hypnosis for healthcare staff and physicians.

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Suitable Care for Transgender Adolescents

Project to develop and professionalize new types of multidisciplinary care in partnership with the young patients concerned

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A Safe Room for Neuro Rehabilitation at Beau-Séjour

Project to house patients who are waking up from comas or who have brain damage in a room equipped and adapted for their condition.

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A Personalized Book to Explain Cancer to Patients’ Children

Project for a pedagogical tool that, by placing the young reader in the heart of the story due to their own situation, encourages dialogue, better understanding of the disease, and support during the family’s treatment journey.

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A Flotation Bed – Putting Pain in Parentheses


Project to install a relaxation area for the patients of Bellerive where they can forget their pain for a little while.

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An Ergometric Bicycle to Encourage Bedridden Patients to Return to Activity

Project to install a device to allow early mobilization of patients in intensive care, with physical exercise adapted to their condition.

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Theater of Life – 2017 and 2018 Editions

Artistic workshops project to help support patients in accepting their diseases

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Sierre-Zinal After a Heart Attack

Project to foster rehabilitation through physical exercise for patients with cardiovascular disorders

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Sexuality and HIV: Learning to Talk About It

Project to provide HIV patients with better resilience through dialogue

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Improve the Safety of Prescribing Anticoagulants

Project to provide an aid and efficient monitoring to improve the safety of prescribed medications

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Saving Lives at the HUG with the “Maastricht III” Organ Donation Program

Project to implement a program into the intensive care division that allows an increase in the number of non-beating heart donations.

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Occupational Therapy Room at Bellerive

Project to offer occupational therapy care suitable for the patients of the Bellerive hospital.

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Protecting Patients from Fall Risks

Project to employ systematic screening of patients at risk of falling, with specific and multidisciplinary care

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Promoting Blood Donation

Project to improve care of blood donors and thus increase the number of donations of blood, tissues, and platelets.

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Educational and Therapeutic Nutrition Management for Asylum Seekers

Project to establish an interventional program to manage the nutritional situation of asylum seekers and their diet in Geneva

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Better Evaluation of the Risks of Venous Thromboembolic Diseases

Project to improve patient safety via better understanding of drug interactions in consideration of hemorrhagic and thromboembolic risks

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Helping Teens Be Body-Confident

Project to set up dietary and athletic monitoring for young patients with emerging psychiatric disorders.

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Project to improve treatment of rare diseases by sharing knowledge on an international level

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Obesity: A Challenge for the Mother and the Unborn Baby

Project to establish an informational and preventative program of care for pregnant women with obesity.

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Better Recovery After a CVA

Project to use neurostimulation to improve the functional recovery of patients after a cerebrovascular accident (CVA)

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Limiting the Stress of a Parent Whose Child Is in Intensive Care

Project to provide a dedicated space for parents to let them be closer to their children in intensive care

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Dietary Issues for Patients with Kidney Failure

Project to involve patients on dialysis in actively taking charge of their disease.

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Patients as Partners in Their Treatment Schedules

Integrative project on the treatment process, coordination by healthcare navigators to optimize hospital stays.

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Simulation to Better Train Teams for Difficult Births

Project to improve the treatment of women in labor by procuring a mother-baby simulator and using it in a professional development program.

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Radiation Therapy Explained in 3D

Project to simulate a radiation oncology exam with a virtual reality projection in order to better understand the treatments.

Learn more

Participatory Art as a Therapeutic Practice

Project to develop collaborative artistic projects with patients with mental health disorders

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Application for Avoiding Severe Complications in Patients Receiving Stem Cell Transplants

Learn more

Diminishing the Risks in Pediatric Resuscitation

Project to improve the speed of injections and the safety of treating young patients in extreme emergency

Learn more

Outpatient Surgery: Informed Expectations

Project to provide medical information (videos and brochures) to patients while waiting for an outpatient surgery consultation

Learn more

Emergency data at a glance

Project to install a system that instantaneously shares medical data for coordinating resuscitation efforts

Learn more

Medical Imaging Without Radiation

Project to finalize non-radiation techniques for monitoring patients with scoliosis, by testing a 4D visualization system

Learn more

Online Discussion Forum and Monitoring for Patients Who Have Had a Stroke

Project to set up a website for information and online discussion to improve follow-up with patients at home who have had cerebrovascular accidents

Learn more

Training on Accommodating People with Mental Disabilities at the HUG

Project to train medical and support staff in treating patients with intellectual disabilities in consideration of their specific situations

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Training the Trainers: Supervising Senior Physicians in the Clinical Setting

Project to implement very innovative training tools for the clinicians of the Institute of Primary Care Medicine

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The First Days of Life, Together

Project to allow parents to stay with their hospitalized newborn in the context of an at-risk birth

Learn more

Encouraging Innovation at the HUG

Project to reward and showcase particularly innovative ideas from HUG and UNIGE associates

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Overtaking Cars in a TaxiBike!

Project to improve reception and patient mobility by using taxi-bike transportation between bus stops and the HUG

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While Patients Await Placement, Cognitive Functions Take in the Colors

Project offering rehabilitation patients a friendly and enjoyable environment that evokes familiar landscapes

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Decreasing Serious Adverse Events Via Data-Mining

Project to develop a software tool to track, reference, and reduce serious adverse events related to prescription medicines

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Rapid Diagnosis of Patients with Brain Damage

Project to precisely and effectively determine the level of a patient’s brain damage and to improve treatment

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Screening and Supporting Young Doctors-in-Training to Help Them Overcome Difficulties

Project to implement a program to identify medical residents in psychological distress and to get them the help they need, in the interest of better patient care

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3D Printing Custom Boluses for Radiation Therapy

Project to improve treatment precision by making custom-fit boluses in order to increase treatment efficacy in radiation oncology

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Understanding the Neurological Mechanisms of Autism

Clinical Observation of the Cerebral Implications of Characteristic Behaviors in Patients with Autism

Learn more

Bedside Mobility

Project to test software for entering data at the patient’s bedside

Learn more

Multi-sensorial Approach for Patients with Severe Memory Loss

Project to improve treatment of patients who have severe cognitive disorders by evoking the senses

Learn more

Welcoming Patients Going to Other Hospital Sites

Project to create better conditions at the Cluse-Roseraie site for welcoming patients hospitalized at external sites and in transit

Learn more

Reception in Pediatric Emergency Care

Project to optimize the care and comfort of young patients in the Pediatric Emergency Division

Learn more

Support for Parents During Distressing Medical Procedures

Project to train support staff to tend to parents who wish to be present while their child is resuscitated

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Cybermedicine: Getting Expertise to Isolated Areas

Project to support doctors in isolated areas so that they can use new technologies to stay in touch with specialists and provide all people access to healthcare

Learn more

A Career in Healthcare for Somalian Refugees in Dadaab

Project to support Somalian refugees by providing them with practical and online training so they can enter the job market in healthcare.

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Elevating Healthcare Workers Who Come to Geneva As Refugees

Project to identify the refugees in Geneva who have a degree in healthcare and to offer them complementary training to bring them up to speed.

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