When treating a patient in extreme emergency, communication between teams is essential. It is imperative to transmit the right information and ensure that it is correctly received and understood by all. A number of types of information are emitted from various software programs and applications: PedAmine, blood pressure monitor, integrated patient record, respiratory constants, medication dosage, sequence of injections, etc



The project is for software to collect these data directly from the different sources in order to display them on a single giant screen that is visible to everyone in the treatment room. In this way, teams can see all the medical information in real time. This project is implemented in adult and pediatric intensive care treatment rooms.


project manager

Dr. Frédéric Ehrler, Administrative Manager, Medical Information Sciences Division, Imaging and Medical Information Sciences Department, Geneva University Hospitals

Dr. Johan Siebert, Head Physician of the Clinic, Pediatric Admissions and Emergency Division, Children and Adolescents Department, Geneva University Hospitals

Professor Jérôme Pugin, Head Physician of the Division, Intensive Care Division, Department of Anesthesiology, Pharmacology, and Intensive Care, Geneva University Hospitals.

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