Rocking and soothing children hospitalized at HUG

Rocking and caring for young patients at HUG to help them feel less alone


The HUG children’s hospital takes care of about 20 children every day who are hospitalized for several weeks, or even months.

Under Terre des hommes program, patients receive surgery and therapeutic care in Geneva, but are separated from their parents.

They are also children living in Switzerland, whose parents work and unfortunately cannot  stay with them all day.

These children hospitalized for long stay, alone in their room, need attention, reassurance, to be occupied by tale and shared games. For the youngest, be rocked makes all the difference. Unfortunately, caregivers are already busy taking care of each child.



The purpose of this project is to fund an educator's salary to care for these children and support younger children. As this activity is not clinical, it can only be paid by private funds.

We are appealing to everyone’s generosity to allow us, every year, to offer hospitalized children arms to rock and soothe them.


Project manager

Ms. Isabelle Golard, Care manager, Women, children and adolescents department, Geneva University Hospitals