Training senior physicians in the area of clinical supervision is a key element of medical education. The goal is to protect everyday patient safety and care quality, ensure the education of resident physicians, and promote quality standards. For their supervision to be constructive, efficient, and reliable, clinicians who teach must master pedagogical principles and tools. They must also be experts in the specialized fields in which they teach in order to help resident physicians attain their educational objectives, all the while safeguarding the quality of the care provided to patients.



The project will implement different educational tools at the Institute of Primary Care Medicine: a very innovative, conceptualized, and longitudinal learning program for Head Clinicians and Deputy Head Physicians from various medical departments. On the syllabus: teaching supports, web platforms, and organization of training sessions.


project manager

Dr. Noëlle Junod-Perron, Deputy Head Physician and Clinical Professor, Division of Primary Care Medicine, Department of Community, Primary Care, and Emergency Medicine, Geneva University Hospitals