Treating Feminine Bleeding

Implementing a bleeding evaluation scale to allow care and monitoring adapted to each patient


No reliable evaluation scale exists for abnormal uterine blood losses and evaluation is very subjective from one patient to another. One in 4 women who go to the maternity emergency department or outpatient services at the HUG do so because of bleeding. The type of bleeding is diverse: postpartum, postsurgical, or abnormal menstruation. In 2010, the gynecology team at the HUG created an evaluation scoring system. Now the team would like to conduct a study on this scale and establish a numeric correspondence for bleeding.



The project consists of establishing a calibrated visual scale in response to Blood Level Evaluation Scores (BLES); the visual scale will be pocket-sized and have modern graphic visuals. This innovative product will enable a more specific and thorough evaluation of the treatment of blood loss and thereby an improvement in patient care. The product could be exported internationally.


project manager

Ms. Isabelle Royannez Drevard, Gynecology Division, Gynecology and Obstetrics Department, Geneva University Hospitals