Choosing the Menu: a Matter of Preference and the Moment

Allow patients to choose their meals independently via tablet


Nutrition is a key factor of recovery for patients. Every day, the hospital culinary division prepares meals tailored to the medical conditions and preferences of 2000 patients in the hospital. Support personnel let each patient choose their preferred options for the next two to six meals. This opportunity is greatly appreciated but is not always offered at a good time. The patient may be dealing with treatment-induced nausea, pain, or worry about an upcoming procedure, or might simply not be there when someone comes by to ask about menu choices.



The project is to develop an app for the Concerto interface (which is already funded by the HUG Foundation) and allow patients the pleasure of selecting or modifying their menu at any time. This way, patients can use the tablet at the most convenient time for them and make their choices in accordance with their dietary restrictions. Patients will then be better informed about their diets and will be able to discuss them with nurses, their dietician, or their doctor.


 project manager

Mr. Sylvestre Mellot, Applications Training Coordinator, Culinary Division, Department of Operations
Mr. Damien Dietrich, eHealth and Telemedicine Division, Imaging and Medical Information Sciences Department