Medical excellence for you, Thanks to you

The Foundation is a private foundation of the Geneva University Hospitals (HUG for its initials in French) and the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Geneva (UNIGE). Our mission is to finance pivotal projects that will advance medical knowledge, improve patient comfort and quality of care, and benefit all patients.


History and bylaws

In 2007, the HUG and the UNIGE created the Artères Foundation. In 2015, the Foundation was renamed the Private Foundation of the Geneva University Hospitals in order to clarify that its mission is for the benefit of patients. Our goals are to improve patient comfort, prioritize quality of care, and contribute to medical research so that new treatments can be discovered.

The Foundation’s headquarters are located in the canton of Geneva.

The Foundation’s purpose is providing financial resources, which allows it to independently or jointly support projects that are related to:

  •  Clinical, translational, and fundamental research
  •  Patients’ quality of care, well-being, and conditions of care.

The projects we support are led by an associate at either or both of our two founding institutions, with or without additional partners.

The Foundation, in the spirit in which it was created, may play a subsidiary role in other activities to bolster the impact of the HUG and/or the Faculty of Medicine. For example, it may subsidize humanitarian efforts led by associates at its two founding institutions.

The Foundation is managed by a Foundation Council and its activities are entrusted to a General Administration. To evaluate and select research projects, the Foundation relies on a Scientific Advisory Committee made up of academic experts in scientific and medical fields.


Download the bylaws of the Foundation


  •  Excellence of the projects we support
  •  Rigorous management of donations and monitoring of projects
  •  100% of donated funds are spent on projects
  •  Transparency and respect for donor’s wishes
  •  Support for all medical specializations

The Foundation's code of ethics


Respect your wishes, by allocating your donations to the causes you choose    


Manage your donstions strictly and update you regularly on their application


Surround ourselves with leading experts to select our projects


Publish a revised financial report every year