From Pregnancy to Going Home

Improve patient information about pregnancy, delivery, postpartum, and going home


Women seen at the HUG during their pregnancies and postpartum periods have access to an impressive amount of print and digital information. In the maternity ward alone they might receive up to 20 different documents.

It’s not always easy for couples and young parents to take in all this information, or for providers to ensure good communication.



The project objective is to edit two simple publications based on existing material in order to reorganize and better convey all the useful information. The information in these brochures, available both in print and online, explains the benefit of being supported by the maternity ward and directs readers to their comprehensive website.
The two brochures are 15 pages each and can be accessed on a tablet or smartphone. One addresses the prenatal period and delivery, and the other covers the postpartum period and the return home. The brochures are available in different languages: French, English, Albanian, Portuguese, and Spanish. They contain no advertisements, unlike others that are currently available.  


project manager

Ms. Virginie Briet, Management and Administration, Gynecology and Obstetrics Department, Geneva University Hospitals

Ms. Suzy Soumaille, Communication Directorate, Geneva University Hospitals