Probiotics and Alzheimer Disease

Develop new diagnostic tools to recognize the microbiotic signature of Alzheimer disease and improve the treatment of dementias.


Dementia affects more than 47 million people in the world. It is estimated that between today and 2040, there will be 300,000 new patients with Alzheimer disease in Switzerland. The disease is associated with an inflammatory disease with plaque deposits. What if it all starts in the gut?



The objective of this research project is to uncover interactions between bacterial strains in the intestines and the status of peripheral inflammation in the brains of these patients. Based on discoveries of the microbiome associated with Alzheimer disease, new approaches to treatment can be suggested.


With the generous support of  Fondation Cecilia Augusta and Fondation Segré.


project manager

Professor Giovanni Frisoni, Deputy Head Physician and Clinical Professor, Head of the Memory Center, Geneva University Hospitals