Safety of Newborns Who Have Umbilical Catheters

Reduce the risks of infectious complications in newborns by means of directed training.


In neonatology, the umbilical cord is frequently used to easily administer treatment to the newborn as well as to painlessly draw blood as needed to monitor changes in vital signs and biological parameters. This primarily concerns premature babies. Due to their fragility, placement of the umbilical catheter and proper use of it are crucial to the baby’s safety and the avoidance of infectious complications.

The scientific literature suggests that implementing a multimodal strategy (introducing protocols and improving training) allows these complications to be reduced.



The project entails implementing systematic training for medical and nursing staff who perform these practices. A video aid is also planned for this.



project manager

Dr. Roberta De Luca, Consulting Physician, Neonatology and Pediatric Intensive Care Division, Children and Adolescents Department, Geneva University Hospitals