Elevating Healthcare Workers Who Come to Geneva As Refugees

Identify the refugees in Geneva who have a degree in healthcare and to offer them complementary training to bring them up to speed.


In recent years, Europe has received a great number of people who are fleeing war or famine in their countries. The refugees welcomed to Geneva in 2016 and 2017 include Congolese, Afghans, Eritreans, and Syrians; some among them are physicians and healthcare workers who have university degrees from their countries of origin. Despite their many years of experience, these people have not been able to find work in Switzerland because their medical degrees are not recognized.



This project will provide these people access to complementary training and internships so that they may obtain an equivalent Swiss degree and even the right to practice in Switzerland.


project manager

Professor Anne-Françoise Allaz, Beau-Séjour Rehabilitation and Internal Medicine Division, Department of General Internal Medicine, Rehabilitation, and Geriatrics, Geneva University Hospitals