An Ergometric Bicycle to Encourage Bedridden Patients to Return to Activity

Install a device to allow early mobilization of patients in intensive care, with physical exercise adapted to their condition.


Early mobilization and physical exercise are now recognized as determining factors in the prompt recovery of intensive care patients (even those who are intubated and in bed). A shortened period on mechanical ventilation has been noted, as have beneficial effects on the rates of medical complications.



The project is to finalize physical therapy equipment that is adaptable to the abilities of each patient, regardless the nature of their pathology, to allow them to improve their physical and respiratory recovery. This ergometric bicycle, studied with the HEPIA engineering team, measures the patient’s exertion and capacities for rehabilitation. By allowing critical patients in intensive care to promptly start up with physical activity again, it helps to decrease comorbidities in these patients.


projet manager

Mr. Nicolas Dousse, Head Physical Therapist, Department of Anesthesiology, Pharmacology, and Intensive Care, Geneva University Hospitals