Obesity: A Challenge for the Mother and the Unborn Baby

Establish an informational and preventative program of care for pregnant women with obesity.


Obesity in pregnant women is a new challenge in public health in that it leads to numerous complications and an increased risk of death for the mother and her child. It also implicates a risk of future obesity for the unborn baby and a significant increase of developing a noncommunicable chronic illness during its lifetime. Nevertheless, no treatment plan currently exists that is specific to pregnant women with obesity, nor is there a preventative intervention for the next generation.



The project will establish a multidisciplinary and transversal program of care dedicated to these women and their unborn children. It will contribute to university education and continuing education on the topic of obesity. The program completes the curriculum on breastfeeding, nutrition, and physical activity for children. It falls under the Obesity Prevention and Care Program, the national initiative Health 2020, and the cantonal program Walk and Eat Smart.

project managers

Dr. Nathalie Farpour-Lambert, Deputy Head Physician and Clinical Professor, Therapeutic Education for Chronic Diseases Division, Department of Community, Primary Care, and Emergency Medicine, Geneva University Hospitals.
Professor Begona Martinez de Tejada Weber, Obstetrics Division, Gynecology and Obstetrics Department, Geneva University Hospitals.