While Patients Await Placement, Cognitive Functions Take in the Colors

Offer rehabilitation patients a friendly and enjoyable environment that evokes familiar landscapes


Loëx Hospital receives patients in delicate conditions due to issues related to internal medicine, advanced age, or neurological disorders. Most of these patients are elderly, have reduced mobility, and are awaiting placement in a medical living facility. Those in stable condition are assisted by support staff in their daily needs and engaged in activities that allow them to maintain functional and cognitive skills and to get ready for their new home in a medical living facility. At the Loëx site, there are four units dedicated to patients awaiting placement in such facilities. The buildings are old and in need of restauration.



The project, which will be conducted in conjunction with the Anouk Foundation, consists of renovating the Allandon and Lanance pavilions at the Loëx Hospital in order to make these very medical surroundings feel a little more welcoming. The mission of the Anouk Foundation is to improve intake and living conditions in hospitals, specialized institutions, and retirement homes. Seasoned artists are trained to work in hospital settings with patients and support staff to create painted murals on the walls. Water views and mountain vistas, silhouettes of familiar monuments, sailing on Lake Geneva… these scenes, captured in vibrant color, will serve to improve patient morale and the support staff’s work environment.


project manager

Ms. Martine Fallot, Administrator, Department of Rehabilitation and Palliative Medicine, Geneva University Hospitals


with the support of