Patient Reception in Gynecology

Improve reception of patients for outpatient gynecology care in a pleasant environment.


As part of Switzerland’s largest maternity ward, the HUG’s outpatient gynecology division sees thousands of patients each year. All pathologies of the female reproductive system are treated here, and over 40,000 outpatient appointments are scheduled each year. All women, of all ages, come here for appointments when they have intimate issues. Whether a happy occasion such as in vitro fertilization, a serious health problem such as uterine cancer, or a gynecological infection, each woman comes to the gynecology division for a specific and personal reason.



The project consists in renovating the gynecology reception area in consideration of these specific reasons by preparing a waiting room designed for different types of appointments. Everyone from young adults to menopausal women will find appropriate information for their appointment located in this area.


project manager

Ms. Séverine Baudry, Gynecology Division, Gynecology and Obstetrics Department, Geneva University Hospitals