Application for Avoiding Severe Complications in Patients Receiving Stem Cell Transplants


Patients with leukemia, Hodgkin disease (lymphoma, lymphocytic cancer), or severe aplastic anemia (loss of bone marrow = disease of the blood) must often receive a bone marrow transplant. The histocompatibility of the transplanted cells therefore involves intense drug therapy to keep the transplant from being rejected. Patient survival requires meticulous general hygiene and strict adherence to treatment. At the HUG, each transplant recipient normally receives a huge binder with all the information about their treatment and their transplant. These documents are dense, not very accessible, and out of date.



The project consists of developing a computer application to allow the patient and their loved ones to access the right information for their needs at a given time. Information will be updated regularly. At the same time, all support staff members can access this information to ensure they have complete training specific to transplant patients.


project managers

Ms. Murielle Tarpin Lyonnet, Nurse, Hematology Division, Oncology Department, Geneva University Hospitals.
Ms. Véronique Chapuis, Transplant Coordinator, Hematology Division, Oncology Department, Geneva University Hospitals