Implementing a Hypnosis Clinic at the HUG

Initiate training in clinical hypnosis for healthcare staff and physicians


Today we know that hypnosis can provide additional benefit in a medical relationship in that it enables a certain state of consciousness in which positive changes in a patient’s perceptions can be made.



The project is to implement clinical hypnosis at the HUG based on a hypnosis training program for healthcare staff from hautes écoles specialisées [specialized university-level institutions] and for physicians. The program was developed by professor Claire-Anne Siegrist and physician Adriana Wolff. The intention of the project is to decrease the pain caused by treatment and thus improve patient care, and it should result in a hypnosis network within the HUG.




Professor Claire-Anne Siegrist, Deputy Head Physician and Clinical Professor, General Pediatrics Division, Head of Pediatric Immunology and Vaccinology Unit, Children and Adolescents Department, Geneva University Hospitals.
Dr. Adriana Wolff, Deputy Head Physician, Anesthesiology Division, Department of Anesthesiology, Pharmacology, and Intensive Care, Geneva University Hospitals.

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