A Personalized Book to Explain Cancer to Patients’ Children

A pedagogical tool that, by placing the young reader in the heart of the story due to their own situation, encourages dialogue, better understanding of the disease, and support during the family’s treatment journey.
Bien-être des patients et de leurs proches


Announcing a cancer diagnosis almost always has repercussions on loved ones and upturns the entirety of the family balance. In this context, it is difficult for parents who are already worried about aspects of the disease to broach the subject with their children.



The project is to support families in the oncology division by suggesting they edit their own book in partnership with the Novacarta Association. This book, which is personalized for each family model according to its specific make up (siblings, blended family, whether the person with cancer is the mom or dad, etc.), has the objective of explaining to the children what cancer is. Using a character and a visual selected by the child, the book uses simple and reassuring words to tell the story of the disease and the often-difficult periods to come. Created in direct connection with them, it is a conversation aid and a support for families.


project managers

Dr. Céline Py, Division Head Physician, Oncology Division, Oncology Department, Geneva University Hospitals
Ms. Julie Malavasi, Nurse, Oncology Division, Oncology Department, Geneva University Hospitals